Using Public Speaking To Promote Your Massage Business

This month I’ve decided to share a special treat.  Here’s a free excerpt from my massage marketing manual Help Your MASSAGE Practice which shares a lot of practical advice on using Public Speaking to promote your massage business.



Chapter 24
Public Speaking

Why public speaking?  Here are three major reasons:

1) It gets your message out as to your uniqueness in the massage therapy realm.

2) Public speaking enhances your reputation and grows your business.

3) It’s an effective marketing weapon that requires little or no money to use.

Public speaking has a remarkable effect on your wallet.   As you become more effective as a public speaker, your reputation and your business continue to increase.

Many massage therapists fear the area of public speaking because they have to “put up or shut up” when it comes to expounding their beliefs.  We are in the business to show people that our techniques will help them feel better and make a difference in their lives.

Everything with effective public speaking starts with developing the belief that you know what you are talking about.  You know that your skills or system of techniques work in helping people.  It’s one thing to “talk the talk” and quite another to be able to show that you are competent and very skilled.

Where To Start

Ok, we have established that you are competent in your abilities.  How do you go about finding public speaking within your field?

First and foremost you would Research, Research, Research and one of the most valuable tools for research is the World Wide Web.  You will find countless topics for ideas on public speaking on the Internet and some will pertain to massage therapy.

Research the topics that indirectly relate to massage.  For example, if you are planning on doing a speech on the benefits of massage for diabetic patients, take the time to research what the common problems of diabetic patients may be.

Let’s get right to the point of why public speaking can become an integral part of your business.    By speaking to groups, you reach a higher group of prospects than one-on-one marketing can ever do.  Let’s look at that again.  You will increase the potential client base for your business.

A massage therapist who stands in front of an audience is in a position of authority.  Your audience is craving for and eager to hear your knowledge, and you’re the person who can deliver it.  You will get responses if your presentation is relevant, entertaining and interesting.

How To Break Into Public Speaking

What does one need for breaking into public speaking?  You might say, “Just a voice”, but that is only a small portion of the equation.

You need a package that will sell YOU before you speak.  It should include a bio, brochure, business cards, letters of recommendation, photo, and a fee schedule.

The initial presentation should catch someone’s attention so that they will then hire you to speak.  You can also include an audio or videocassette of a prior speaking engagement, but this is optional.  These audio or videocassettes are also products to sell within your business that we will discuss in more detail later.

In terms of how to get your first booking, there are many ways to gain access to a speaking gig.  You should always start with your circle of friends and family.  Because he has done it several times, Eric has had great success with creating speaking engagements through friends or family.

Your first line of communication to the outside world is your immediate contacts.  Start with them because they know you and will do the legwork for you.

The next logical step would be going to local or regional associations.  These are the people looking to book speakers.  Frequently, they are in need of speakers to add to a conference or special event.

Next, go to corporations and speak with a CEO (who is more accessible than you think) or someone in the Human Resource Department.  For small to medium size businesses, you can frequently meet these people at local Chamber of Commerce events or business mixers.

Ask for that first booking. It could not hurt!

Finally, what should you charge?  The massage therapist should look at the low ($100-$500) to the medium ($500-$1000) for their initial journey into public speaking.  As you become more confident and more importantly, better known, you will be able to charge the “big bucks”.

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