Turning Fathers Day Into a Massage Marketing Success


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Recently, I switched to putting the issues of “From The Massage Table” directly onto Help Your Practice instead of emailing it to you.

Why the sudden change?

Four big reasons really.

First, thanks to spammers and other nasty folks, it’s become extremely difficult to deliver all types of email — even the ones you want to send to your favorite aunt. If it’s an ezine or newsletter like “From The Massage Table” there’s even more work behind the scenes to get it delivered.

Some hosting companies want you to “register” with them and promise that you won’t send spam to their customers.

Second, to combat the flood of spam hitting everyone’s email boxes, many people have started using spam filters or verification services like SpamArrest.  Every month, I get dozens of SpamArrest verifications from new subscribers who sign up for my free newsletter… and then I have to verify that I’m someone that they truly wanted to get email from.  It’s a major time burner for me, especially for offering a free newsletter.

Third, I used to send each newsletter out by email and then when time permitted, post it online as well. That was making double the work for me and as I got busier with my businesses and family commitments, I found myself getting further and further behind on posting the issues as webpages.  So I’m literally cutting this task down a great deal because Help Your Practice is now powered by a word press blog so there’s no web design software needed to post an issue online.

Finally, search engines love seeing websites that are updated regularly and reward them with higher natural search engine rankings. By putting the new issues directly on this site, it accomplishes that task beautifully.

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Monthly Motivational Tip

This has been a challenging month for me to say the least.  With Mothers Day and both of my children’s  birthdays this month, it’s been a lot of extra planning to do.  I don’t enjoy shopping so having to go gift shopping for each special day requires a self pep-talk beforehand.

To add insult to injury, I had some major problems with internet hackers. My home and office computers were both hit with a hacker’s computer virus which I didn’t discover until after three of my websites and personal Ebay account were attacked. 

The websites (none of which were this one) required a complete rebuild of all of the files. The Ebay account… well, 14 days later I’m still getting that mess straightened out and waiting for Ebay to refund monies. 

It turns out they wrongly removed over $250 from my personal bank account because someone else rang up in fraudulent auction charges after hacking into my Ebay account. Talk about an attention-getter!

In short, this month has been extra stressful.  It’s been enough to make me angry at the world… or even depressed… but it hasn’t.

Instead, it makes me thankful.

Thankful that I’m not leading an “ordinary” live.  Thankful that this is just a bump in the road of life.

A good friend of mine recently introduced me to a great program called Six Days To Saturday by Sam Crowley.  I’ve been listening to it every day and one thing that Sam said really hit home for me.

To paraphrase, “Life isn’t supposed to always be up.  It’s supposed to have it’s ups and downs because that’s life.”  

It served as a strong reminder to me that just because life isn’t currently rosy doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.  In fact, in the journey called life, it’s only a small bump in the road.

Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.  You don’t have to become a very successful therapist overnight.  You do need to enjoy the ride as you rise upwards toward your dream of being a full-time massage therapist.  You do need to remind yourself that the low points are only temporary and not a permanent destination.

The possibilities are endless and you can reach as high you believe is possible.  Just build upon your successes like little stepping stones.  Your bank account will thank you!

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

As a father of two, I’m going to come right out and say what most of my fellow dads won’t say: Fathers Day is often an afterthought

I regularly see Mothers Day promotions.  I almost never see Fathers Day ones, especially for massage!

That’s a big mistake because dads are stressed-out folks too.

Just as important, most men are terrible at taking care of their health.  If I had a nickel for every male client that was sent in for a massage by their wife or girlfriend, then I’d be a very rich man.

That’s a big reason why you need to dare to be a little different.  Most of your competitors will ignore Fathers Day… or will just give a half-hearted marketing effort.

In other words, it’s a golden opportunity to grab a bunch of new clients and most of your competitors will completely miss it.

Focus on telling your prospects and clients why they need to treat the stressed-out dads in their life to an overdue massage.  It can be a direct mail piece.  It can be an email blast.  Heck, it can even just be a few signs in your massage office and treatment rooms.

Make them a great offer on a massage appointment or gift certificate so they want to pick up the phone and call your office right away.

“Okay, Michael, I got a bunch of stressed-out dads in my massage office… Now what?”

Now, show them what they have been missing.  Turn that stressed-out guy into a sleepy pile of “man mush” on your table.  They will be amazed at the difference.  So will their families and significant others.  As I talk about in multiple sections of Help Your MASSAGE Practice, you don’t want to settle for just a single one-time appointment.

No way.  The lifetime value of a massage client is quite significant so we want to tap into it.

In fact, this is the perfect time to tell them about your regular monthly treatment programs for men.

Don’t have one?  Then I suggest you create a monthly program right now.  There’s countless ways to setup monthly programs — just use your creativity to name and design one.  (If you’re really stuck, then grab your own copy of Help Your MASSAGE Practice where we cover monthly programs in more detail.)

Fathers Day used to be a forgotten day for massage marketing.  Try this 2 step marketing plan and you should be pleased with the results.  The only thing you have to lose is blank space in your appointment book!

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Seize the Day,

Michael Humphreys

Help Your Practice

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