September 2004 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter (Newsletter For Both Massage Therapists
And Personal Trainers)

Volume I, Issue 3
September 20, 2004

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter! My name is Michael Humphreys. Along with my business partner Eric Mitchell, I am very happy to continue your journey to business and life success.

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Coming Soon: Help Your Massage Practice

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final editing stages for an exciting new book called ‘Help Your Massage Practice’. Over 200 pages of hard-hitting information that you need to build the massage practice of your dreams. Written by Eric and myself, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through, step-by-step, how build a successful massage practice. Look for the book to be finalized sometime next month.

As one of our loyal newsletter subscribers, we’ll keep you posted on this book and let you have first opportunity to get it at a special limited-time subscriber offer.

In the meantime, we’ve included a sample excerpt of the content from Help Your Massage Practice as this month’s feature article.

Do You Have A Question For Us?

The question for this month can be quite daunting
for both massage therapists and personal trainers.

”How do you break through the fear of failure and actually get started?”

Fear of failure can paralyze you. It can stop you from even trying to work on your business and make it grow because you are so afraid of failing. Rest assured: many people face fear of failure in their lives and unfortunately many people let it control them.

Overcoming fear is like eating an elephant: you need to take it one bite at a time. Take too big of a bite and you may panic & feel like you’ve taken on too much.

Start with small, calculated risks. As you become more confident and start tasting success, you will feel safer increasing the size of the calculated risk.

[Eric says: Ask yourself what is the worst possible thing that could happen if you fail? What’s the best possible thing that could happen when you succeed? Decide today that you want to succeed. Learn from those who have succeeded in your field and you increase the likelihood that you will taste success.]

Take the time to write down your goals. Develop a daily action plan to work on your goals. Before you know it, you will have accomplished more than you ever thought possible!

Feature Article: Let’s Talk About Gift Certificates

(Please note: this is a one-page sample of the material we cover in Help Your Massage Practice. To give you an idea of how difficult it can be pull just ONE PAGE out of over 200+ pages, try doing it with any non-fiction book and  handing it to someone who hasn’t read any part of the whole book.)

If you do not already offer massage gift certificates to your existing and perspective clients, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to add additional sales and income to your practice.

Gift certificates are an incredible money making product line that it is a natural for massage therapy. What are some of the reasons for this? Here are two primary reasons.

First, there are countless businesses nationwide that already offer these certificates. If this were not a valuable revenue stream for these large companies, they would have discontinued offering gifts certificates a long time ago.

The fact that so many do offer them and even promote them with television and radio ads at different times of the year demonstrates how this is a multimillion dollar revenue stream.

Second, the national average for gift certificates redeemed is estimated at 40%. Typically, as a massage therapist, you could see your redemption rates be at 60-90% range.

Depending on your beliefs on a less than 100% redemption rate, this is either a good or bad thing. We believe that it is neither for several reasons, which we will discuss in a moment.

One of the massage therapy consultants that we have read in national publications in their book encourages therapists to contact the gift recipient if they have not used their certificate before it expires. If that fails, this consultant suggests contacting the original buyer and offering them the opportunity to use this certificate for him or herself. Wow!

We have just one word to describe this advice: Lousy!!

Here are some key points about massage gift certificates and the concepts of gifts in general:

1) It is a gift between two people, neither of whom is yourself.

2) It could be considered an invasion of their privacy to call them and bug them about using this gift certificate. It is their gift, not yours!

3) Have you ever given a gift to someone else and they haven’t ever gotten around to using it? Again, a gift certificate is no different!

***************** End of Excerpt ***********************

On behalf of Eric, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.


Michael Humphreys

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