October 2005 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Newsletter

October 19, 2005
Volume II, Issue 4

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Massage Marketing Newsletter! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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****Coming Soon: Instant Massage Marketing ***

Imagine if you could take proven massage marketing pieces and just add your own name and practice information…Well, imagine it no more!

I have taken some of the most successful massage marketing pieces from my own massage practice to create Instant Massage Marketing.

I am in the process of finalizing them so that you have the ability to personalize them for your own massage practice! Look for more exciting details in an upcoming newsletter announcement and on
within the next couple weeks.

*** Goal Setting Monthly Tip *** By Eric Mitchell

Last month, we talked about Hope and continuing to move towards your goals, even when the future may not look so bright. This month, our Goal Setting Word is Creativity.

We are all in business to help people feel better and to make money. However, we are also in the business to initially attract prospects into our massage practice so that they will become massage clients.

The standard has become higher for how you attain and keep clients. Let me repeat this:

The Standard Is High!

You will find that without a certain level of entertainment and creating curiosity in your massage practice, you may not be able to raise your business bar to the higher standard.

Business cannot think of using a simple, dry approach to marketing and have consistent, positive results. You need to find the ability to create programs that will attract people to what you are offering.

You need to let your imagination run with Creativity.

We are merely saying that in business, the astute therapist/trainer will see the need to create new interest in your business, along with providing great professional care.

A creative idea is not something to simply file away. We want you to go and think outside the box. Get away from the boring, mundane way of business and allow your creative juices to start flowing.

“Now take those ideas and run for the gold”

Monthly Massage Marketing Tip *** By Michael Humphreys

Sometimes it happens . You may be at a health fair and are talking with a prospect about their neck or back pain. Or maybe a loyal massage client has asked you a question about how you may be able to help a dear friend of theirs.

Either way, the same final question usually comes up:

“Do You Have Any Literature On This Condition?”

Chances are, you are stuck. You probably only have some business cards to offer.

And your opportunity to land a new massage client may have just passed you by.

I can understand why many of you may not have written any free reports or handouts to use in your massage practice. I have thought the same way at times too:

1. Free reports are a lot of work to research and write

2. They rarely create an instant sale

3. You want more clients but do not feel like you have the time to write a free report

I started my private practice in 1993, without using any free literature or reports. After a year or two, I noticed that people seemed like they were asking me for information on the same topics. And I was getting a little tired of trying to explain the same answers repeatedly. So I wrote my first free report, on what clients should do after they receive a massage.

As I started giving them out to new clients, I gradually noticed something wonderful:

Other new clients were showing up with those handouts with them.

Sometimes the reports were looking quite rumpled or dog-eared, but people were actually reading them and passing them on!

As I grew my private practice into a full-blown massage therapy center, I wrote even more reports. I placed them throughout the center, where clients could pick them up.

When any of my staff would do any type of chair massage or P.R. event, I would send copies of these free reports with them. They would simply place on the table, next to the sign-up sheet, and everyone would grab one to take
with them.

Today, I have about a dozen of these reports I have created over the years. As I am typing this newsletter, I can see three of these reports sitting in my massage office, where clients can grab one and pass it along to a friend,
family member, or coworker.

How Do Free Reports Work?

In the massage industry, we correctly learn that everyone could benefit from getting a massage regularly. But, in the real world, needing to get a massage and actually doing it are frequently miles apart.

Studies have shown that people are not ready to buy right away. Frequently, they start in the information-gathering mode first.

Here’s where your free report fits in.

You are giving them the information that they are looking for. And chances are, they will remember that when they are ready to book that first massage appointment.

Does this work flawlessly 100% of the time?

Of course not. Nothing does in the real world.

I have given you some marketing ideas here on how to use free reports to grow your massage practice. Take the first step to growing your massage practice by using the power of free reports in your massage practice today.

Note: This is such a powerful marketing tactic that Eric and I dedicated a full chapter on free reports in Help Your MASSAGE Practice. To learn more about Help Your MASSAGE Practice, please go to:


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That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.

Seize The Day,

Michael Humphreys
Help Your Practice

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