November 2006 Massage Marketing Newsletter

“From The Massage Table: Marketing and Motivation That Works”

November 30, 2006
Volume III, Issue 5

Welcome to “From The Massage Table”! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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Note: I’d like to apologize to everyone for getting this issue out a week late. Between my massage business, consulting work, and babycare (my wife and I have a 6 month old daughter who the pediatrician calls “extremely spirited”), I am swamped lately. – Michael

Okay, onto this month’s newsletter!

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What marketing tool can generate more repeat business, attracts new referrals, reactivate old clients and even promote gift certificate sales?

The answer is sending out a well-written massage client newsletter!

For over 4 years, I created my own massage client newsletters for my massage therapy center called “Keeping In Touch”.

Now you can use “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters” in your own massage practice.

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Motivational Monthly Tip

Hello, it’s Eric Mitchell, cofounder of Help Your Practice, with this month’s motivational tip. This month, I want to talk about a word that many people associate with the upcoming holiday season: PRESENT.

However, I’m not talking about any great gifts you might receive from any of your loved ones. I’m talking about the decisions you make now to improve your massage business.

Many times, we get caught up in what happened to us in the past. We are always projecting about what will happen in the future.

We fail to realize that what we do right now determines our business future. Our PRESENT decisions mark our progress and determines what direction we are heading.

A business cannot thrive while lamenting about past mistakes or possible futures. You can spend hours or even days worrying about what went wrong. You can really stress yourself out thinking about every possible “what if” or “if only”.

Have you ever said any of these doubting comments?

“What if I had more clients?”

“What if I charged more for massage?”

“If only I had a busier appointment book…”

“If only my clients scheduled more often…”

Instead of thinking about “what if”, start thinking the things you can change. Focus all of your energies on how to make your business work better now — in the PRESENT.

Take control over your current situation and do what you know needs to done. Make your past become a learning experience and before you know it, your future success will arrive.

For the last year we have talked about many business practices that are determined by our PRESENT. Our goals should begin with the smallest forward steps that start with the here and now.

You will accomplish what you want in your future when you start with what you want in your PRESENT.

Remember, live for today for tomorrow is promised to no one!

Now take action and reach your goals!

About the author: Eric Mitchell is a speed & conditioning specialist and co-founder of Help Your Practice. When he’s not busy running his speed & top -performance centers, Eric writes this monthly column.

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

Since we are heading into the holiday season, I wanted to give something special to all of our subscribers. In the past couple years, I’ve written about Christmas holiday promotions so this time I wanted to offer a new topic for this month’s issue.

After brainstorming a bit, I decided to cover using testimonials to boost your marketing and advertising. Normally, I write every word of the Massage Marketing Monthly Tip from scratch.

But seeing that I’m typing this at 11 p.m. on November 30th, I wanted you to still get the November issue of “From The Massage Table” in the month of November.

So in the spirit of giving, here’s an excerpt from Help Your MASSAGE Practice on testimonials:

Help Your MASSAGE Practice – Chapter 49

Why do testimonials work so well?

Someone who is considering using your services sees an Ad, or sees your website, and sees the testimonials. They are seeing a direct quote from another “ordinary citizen” and this viewing helps sell your services even stronger than anything that you might have in your literature, in your Ad, or on your website.

How To Capture Testimonials

How do you capture testimonials? The first way you can capture testimonials is to have a logbook that you keep in your office where clients can see what other clients have written and they can add their own comments. This is a very powerful way to collect testimonials.

The second way you can capture testimonials is client surveys. Ask your clients as part of the survey how you are doing. Give them space on the survey to write down their comments or feedback.

What To Do With Your Testimonials

So, you have gotten a really good testimonial from a client but perhaps the way they have written it is not ideal for your marketing purposes. They may have used short fragmented sentences. May be they used slang or incorrect grammar in their sentences.

How do you clean it up and so it really works best for you?

What you do is you take the original testimonial that the client wrote. You list that as option number one. Write two additional options below that.

The second option will be something really strong or really outrageous like:

“Jane massage therapist is the best massage therapist in the whole wide world and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else”.

Your third option is something more realistic but again a little bit stronger than what they had written. If you can come up with a fourth option, great! This is again a little closer to what they had written but not as conservative.

Typically clients will pick the middle of the road testimonial. You need to give them more than one option, so if they surprise you and pick the strongest testimonial option, that’s great.

How To List Testimonials

When you list a testimonial you need to do one or two things. You either need to list the first initial and last name of the client with a comma, and the city and state, they reside in. Or you use their initials instead of one of their names. You either abbreviate the first name so the first name is Maria Jones, you can either list the name as M. Jones from Detroit, Michigan or you list it as Maria J., Detroit, Michigan. Those are the two generally accepted ways to list a testimonial.

Where To Use Your Testimonials

Where do you use your testimonials?

You can use your testimonials in pretty much all of your marketing pieces. We have seen great success with testimonials on our website, in our Ads, in our free reports and in our other marketing places.

Testimonials help sell your practice and your practice skills. They can bring more business into your practice extremely well. So, as soon as you are able to get testimonials from your clients, start using them in your marketing.

Try adding testimonials to your marketing for your own massage business. You will be pleased with the boost in business they can provide!

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That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.

Take Charge,

Help Your Practice

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