November 2004 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter (Newsletter For Both Massage Therapists
And Personal Trainers)

Volume I, Issue 5
November 22, 2004

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter! My name is Eric Mitchell. Along with my business partner Michael Humphreys I am very happy to continue your journey to business and life success.

Each month, we will be coming to your email in-box with the latest Help Your Practice news, special offers and great business tips that can help you create the massage or fitness practice of your dreams.

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****Coming Soon: Help Your MASSAGE Practice ***

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing an exciting new book called ‘Help Your MASSAGE Practice’ within the next week. Over 240 pages of hard-hitting information that you need to build the massage practice of your dreams. Written by Michael and myself, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through, step-by-step, how build a successful massage practice.

Look for an email arriving in your in-box within the next week announcing the availability of this book.

Practice Building Tip

How do the trainer, therapist and or facility owner break through the inevitable conflict of clients becoming too close?

We all know that it starts very innocently. We have been training or working with these people for a year or more and the relationship has become close. Our clients rely on us from both a physical nature to a psychological level. However, we must be cautious because this reliance can have some negative effects on our business.

The bottom line is that we are in business to not only help our clients but also make money from our services. A familiarity can breed the notion to some business owners that they can allow clients “some leeway” when it comes to payment. Not A Good Idea!

Your services are in jeopardy when you begin to make compromises about payment. Here at Help Your Practice we take this a step further and content that your whole professional nature is at risk when you begin to compromise your business ability to be paid. Your clients are not your friends! A hard concept to swallow but the fact is that no matter how close or how much trust they put in you, a client is still a client who needs to pay you when the bill comes due.

Now familiarity with clients has led to another situation for the personal trainer and massage therapist. We are in a world where any small misconception about intent can be misconstrued.

Here at Help Your Practice, we take the danger of business relationships turning into personal ones very seriously. You must be very careful with clients because you become very important in their daily lives.

The line between the professional who cares and a person who becomes “involved” is a dangerous line. Our goal is to help improve their health both mentally and physically;

HOWEVER, we must know where the line is, keep our integrity, and make sure we never find ourselves in that gray area.

The bottom line is that we have clear professional and personal guidelines that move us further in our businesses.

Monthly Marketing Tip

Gift Certificates are one of the top ways that you can draw new clients into your practice. The busiest time of year for gift certificate sales will be the month before Christmas and you need to take advantage of that.

You need to send a letter or postcard to your clients letting them know that you offer gift certificates for sale. Do this right away so your clients have time to receive your offer and act on it before the holidays begin.

Want to maximize the number of gift certificates you can sell? Run a holiday special on them.

Here are a few ideas for gift specials:
Buy a gift certificate with a holiday gift basket
Buy five gift certificates and get the sixth one free
Free hot stone or aromatherapy upgrade with any gift certificate purchase
Free nutritional assessment with gift certificate purchase
Add a nutritional assessment for $5.00 more

Don’t relay strictly on your mailing to promote your gift certificate special. Put a sign up in your office promoting gift certificates as a great present.

That’s all for this issue.

On behalf of Michael, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.


Eric Mitchell
Help Your Practice

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