May 2007 Massage Marketing Newsletter

“From The Massage Table: Marketing and Motivation That Works”

May 25, 2007
Volume III, Issue 11

Welcome to “From The Massage Table”! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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Monthly Motivational Tip

Hello, it’s Eric Mitchell, cofounder of Help Your Practice, with this month’s motivational tip.

This month we are going to talk about Slumps. We all have them and they can tie directly into our Self-Confidence.

Massage Therapists are in a unique position to help people each and everyday.

However, we all have felt the crunch of negative energy from clients. The negative energy that stems from other people’s bad days can have a cumulative effect on a therapist’s psyche.

The inevitable Slump occurs where the negative energy, from clients, saps your physical and mental drives. You find that you begin to question why you are indeed massaging/training people in general.

You need not fear the Slump.

Instead, face it with the determination that has brought you to become a therapist in the first place. You must understand the natural ebb and flow of the business.

You need to take a step back. Take a deep breath, because with every amount of positive energy there will be some negative energy.

A Slump is a learning experience that all therapists and trainers will encounter. The key is what you do to push out the negative energy and turn to the positive.

About the author: Eric Mitchell is a speed & conditioning specialist
and co-founder of Help Your Practice. When he’s not busy running his
speed & top -performance centers, Eric writes this monthly column.

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

This month I have been extremely busy between parenthood, my massage business and my consulting business.

So I wasn’t sure at first what I would write about this month. Then earlier today, I got an e-mail from a subscriber, who asked me:

“How do you create more desire in prospects or clients
to get a massage with your marketing?”

It got me thinking, because this is a common line of thinking that can really throw massage therapists off track with their marketing.

I decided to answer her question in this issue of “From The Massage Table”.

The truth is, desire is never created for a service or product. It is channeled instead.

Let me explain.

Either someone wants a massage or they don’t. You can’t
make them want to get a massage.

If they don’t believe in the benefits of massage therapy then it won’t matter what marketing message you put in front of them. You could be offering a free massage, and they won’t be interested if they don’t like receiving massages.

However, you can take the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exist in the hearts and minds of your prospects. You can focus those existing desires on the benefits of getting massage therapy with you.

Some marketers will try to tell you that you should try to educate prospects with your marketing. This is not completely true. Your marketing won’t create a new desire in prospects.

You can use things like free reports and brochures that are educational in nature to educate prospects.

You use educational materials to convince and show prospects that your massage therapy service fills a specific need that already exists inside them.

Take someone who suffers from periodic bouts of neck pain and rarely get a massage. Instead, they will only get a massage when they have a pain flair up.

Suppose this person has never gotten a massage with you.

If they are pain-free and see your marketing piece, then chances are, they won’t be very motivated to call you at that given moment. They don’t feel like they need a massage because they are pain-free.

So what happens once this person is experiencing a lot of neck pain, and they see your ad? That’s right — Suddenly, they see a big benefit for calling you to get a massage. That benefit is getting a massage to get them out of pain!

So how do you channel their desire?

Well, the words that you use in your marketing piece must hit the prospect’s hot buttons. It must tell them what they will gain by calling you instead of another massage therapist.

In a sense, you are not creating a desire for massage therapy.

Instead you’re showing your prospects that your massage therapy service is a new way to fill his or her already existing need. It could be a need like: pain relief, stress relief, prenatal massage, sports massage, and so on

Take their need and address it with the headline of your marketing piece. You can either acknowledge that need or tell them how your service can satisfy their needs.

It’s at this point that the prospect will decide if they want to keep reading your marketing piece or do something else instead.

In fact, over 70% of all prospects will make that decision simply from the your headline.

Let’s go back to the example of the prospect looking for neck pain relief. Here’s a headline that would sound pretty appealing to them:

“How to stop your neck pain and headaches fast!”

From there, your next sentence should lead from the headline into the rest of your marketing piece.

I would probably use a sentence like “If you’re tired of suffering from neck pain and headaches on a regular basis, then I have some good news for you. A number of recent studies have shown that massage therapy is extremely effective at stopping neck pain, and headaches fast.”

That should give you some new ideas on how to make your marketing perform better.

For more information on writing basic sales letters or marketing pieces for massage therapy, please see my book “Help Your MASSAGE Practice”.

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Seize The Day,

Help Your Practice

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