May 2005 Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice
May 2005 Marketing Newsletter

May 16, 2005
Volume I, Issue 11

Note: This newsletter was originally published for both massage therapists and personal trainers. We no longer offer any newsletter or products for personal trainers.

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Newsletter! My name is Eric Mitchell. Along with my business partner Michael Humphreys, we are here to help your journey to business and life success.

Each month, we will be coming to your email inbox with the latest Help Your Practice news, special offers and great business tips that can help you create the massage or fitness practice of your dreams.

(Michael:This month we are sharing some great marketing ideas with you. Eric has written the marketing tips mostly talking about the personal training industry because he is a speed and conditioning specialist in the personal training industry.

If you are a massage therapist, do not make the mistake of thinking that these suggestions will not work for you! When Eric talks about camps or clinics, think massage class instead and it will make more sense to you.)

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Goal Setting Monthly Tip

Last month, we talked about embracing change and allowing it to help us grow and reach our goals. This month, our Goal Setting Word is Progress.

Progress marks time for the people in business and more importantly life. We are all faced with the ability to progress, regress or stagnate. However, we all know that progress or the lack of it, demonstrates the way you want your life to move.

Progress really is the advancement of the human experience. If you commit to moving forward, you will see everything around you start to grow and improve.

Creating progress is a catalyst for many new changes in your life. As we have talked about before business must move forward in order for success to be realized.

Progress is not just about making the big bucks! You need to also make progress with the other parts of your life. You can progress by simply doing tasks that you made previous commitments towards. Progress can be as simple as writing down your daily to-do lists and following through on each task.

Progress is what will mark your successes in business or life. Make sure you mark each event on paper or a journal so you know how much progress you have achieved.

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Monthly Marketing Tip

The fitness industry has grown and changed significantly over the last few years. We have seen a dramatic increase of personal training as every aspect of the population becomes more health conscious.

However, what is even more startling is the amount of new trainers who have entered this industry.

Yes, we all have heard the opinion that trainers, like lawyers, have become a dime a dozen. That may be true for the general trainer, but it does not have to be that way.

Do you really want to lumped together with all of the general trainers? Do you want to be just another personal trainer who counts repetitions for Holly Housewife or Joe Businessman?

Now at Help Your Practice, we are not saying that is a bad way to make a living. But if you desire more from your business and want to do more, the possibilities are endless.

How About A Camp?

The “new” way to expand a fitness business into something dramatic is with the use of Camps. We are on the upward swing of a fitness revolution. That fitness revolution is the coaching of kids in the sport specific camp setting.

A camp is the bringing together of kids from all sports into generalized or specific speed/conditioning programs. No other avenue in the fitness industry could potentially bring you more money.

Both Michael and myself have seen what happens when you mix kids, parents, and camps.

Here is an example of a camp that I set up and ran in 2003:

Football Camp 2003

Eric had 120 kids come out for a speed/conditioning camp with each kid paying $100.

The camp lasted three hours. It cost Eric $200 to rent the field for the camp. He also hired two other trainers to assist him with the camp at a cost of $300, paid after the camp ended.

120 kids X $100 camp fee each = $12,000

After paying $500 for the field rental and the additional trainers, Eric had earned in three hours: $11,500!

So hopefully you can now see the incredible potential of camps or clinics!

At Help Your Practice, we see this “sport/fitness” revolution as the newest way for the trainer to make great money.

How About A Clinic?

Another way to capitalize on this growing niche is through the use of a clinic. A clinic is in a smaller setting like a gym. An example of a clinic could be a lifting principles clinic. You could charge $25.00 per kid or coach and teach them proper lifting techniques.

(Michael says: In the massage industry, we sometimes refer to a clinic as a class. The massage therapist could do a clinic on foot reflexology or prenatal massage. The concepts given here are the same…you are just teaching a massage or health skill to people.)

You can bet you will find people signing up for a clinic that teaches them something new.

How do you organize so your camp or clinic is a big success? Here is a basic outline to use:

1.) Pick A Camp Concept Or Theme

2.) Set Up The Marketing Plan For The Event

3.) Figure Out Your Start Up Costs

a.) equipment
b.) liability insurance
c.) marketing costs (flyers, postcards etc)

4.) Create The Camp Format

5.) Use Informed Consent Forms

6.) Set Up Methods Of Payment

The camp concept is a win-win relationship. Clients pay for your personal training services at a reduced rate while you are able to leverage the economics of scale to make three, four or even much higher your hourly rate.

That’s all for this month. On behalf of Michael, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.

Have An Excellent Day,

Eric Mitchell

Help Your Practice

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