June 2005 Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice
June 2005 Marketing Newsletter

June 20, 2005
Volume I, Issue 12

Note: This newsletter was originally published for both massage therapists and personal trainers. We no longer offer any newsletter or products for personal trainers.

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Newsletter! My name is Michael Humphreys. Along with my business partner Eric Mitchell, we are here to help your journey to business and life success.

Each month, we will be coming to your email inbox with the latest Help Your Practice news, special offers and great business tips that can help you create the massage or fitness practice of your dreams.

(Eric: This month we are sharing a great marketing idea with you. Mike has written the marketing tips mostly talking about the massage therapy industry because he is a massage therapist.

If you are a personal trainer, do not make the mistake of thinking that these suggestions will not work for you! )

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So far the feedback we’ve received about Help Your MASSAGE Practice has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are pleased to announce that we have released a deluxe version of Help Your MASSAGE Practice that contains even more practice building tools including a headline creation toolkit. The deluxe version is now available for $79.

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Goal Setting Monthly Tip

Last month, we talked about Progress. This month we are going to talk about LIFE. You read that right…We are talking about the realization that a normal life is very important to your business success. We all know how hard business success can be with long hours and blood, sweat and tears.

Often we forget that in order to have great business success our lives must be full and complete. Many business owners take for granted the great things that have brought them to the level of success. We often leave out the precious people who shape our existence because we are “too busy” to see that which is most important.

The goal this month is simple. We want you to take a step back and recognize people who have shaped you and brought you to your levels of success. Remember it can be anyone: parent, spouse, brother, sister, mentor or even your children.

Help Your Practice is not just about business but seeing people create great relationships. Now go out and live LIFE each day because tomorrow is promised to no one.

Monthly Marketing Tip

I got an email this month from a concerned massage therapist about their massage practice. You see, they are normally pretty busy, but with summertime weather in the U.S., many of his clients are heading off on vacation instead of getting a massage.

So while his massage practice may be slower, his monthly bills haven’t changed. And when that happens, it can cause some sleepless nights for anyone. Even busy massage therapists or personal trainers.

How do you combat the normal seasonal slowdown?

The normal reaction is to think and act defensive. You start to worry about covering your bills for that month. Or even for that week. It’s a perfectly normal reaction and one that most massage therapists or personal trainers will do when they are faced with a seasonal slowdown.

Unfortunately, it’s the wrong strategy to use.

While the majority of massage therapists or personal trainers will scale back their massage marketing or personal training marketing, you need to go on the offensive.

You see, there are still people who are new to your area or have never needed your services before. And while many of your competitors are turning off the engine on their marketing machine, you need to keep your marketing machine running…

…With one small adjustment.

Shift some of your marketing monies from advertising or trying to attract new clients to reactivating your inactive clients. Say you normally spend $200 in per month on advertising and $50 on mailings to your client list. During a seasonal slowdown, change your market budgeting to $100 on advertising and $150 on mailings to your own client list.

Why focus on reactivating old clients?

Studies that shown that it costs six to ten times more to gain a new client than to keep an existing client happy and continuing to use your professional services.

What types of things can you do to reactivate clients?

Do a standard contest. Make it free to enter if they stop by your office or studio.
Send out a reactivation postcard
Run a referral contest. For example, for each new client they refer, they are entered into a contest to win a free massage or personal training session.
Bring a friend offer and save! They bring in a friend for a massage or training session. Both of them save a few bucks on their appointments. In massage therapy, we frequently refer to this as a couples massage.

For each of these reactivation campaign examples, you will want to put an expiration date or contest deadline on them.

A special contest or offer with no expiration date or deadline…is no longer special.

A reactivation campaign is a great time to let your creative juices start flowing. You can choose a lot of great ideas to use to reactivate old clients that you haven’t seen in a while.

The key is to just get started with your campaign and stick to it!

That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, we look forward to talking with you again soon.

Have An Excellent Day,

Mike Humphreys

Help Your Practice

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