Jul 2007 Massage Marketing Newsletter

“From The Massage Table: Marketing and Motivation That Works”

July 26, 2007
Volume IV, Issue 1
Welcome to the fourth anniversary issue of “From The Massage Table”! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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Okay, onto this month’s newsletter!

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Monthly Motivational Tip

Hello, it’s Eric Mitchell, cofounder of Help Your Practice, with this month’s motivational tip.

This month, we are going to talk about Creativity.

We are all in business to help people feel better and to make money.

However, we are also in the business to attract prospects into our massage practice so that they will become massage clients.

The standard has become higher for how you attain and keep clients. Let me say it again:

The Standard Is High!

You will find that without a certain level of entertainment and creating curiosity in your massage practice, you may not be able to raise your business bar to the higher standard.

Business cannot think of using a simple, dry approach to marketing and have consistent, positive results. You need to find the ability to create programs that will attract people to what you are offering.

You need to let your imagination run with Creativity.

We are merely saying that in business, the astute therapist will see the need to create new interest in your business, along with providing great professional care.

A creative idea is not something to simply file away. We want you to go and think outside the box.

Get away from the boring, mundane way of business and allow your creative juices to start flowing.

Now take those ideas and run for the gold!

About the author: Eric Mitchell is a speed & conditioning specialist
and co-founder of Help Your Practice. When he’s not busy running his
speed & top -performance centers, Eric writes this monthly column.

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

This month’s marketing tip focuses on one of the biggest mistakes that many massage therapists make. That mistake is betting that traditional advertising will create most of their sales.

Now, when the topic of advertising comes up, you can pretty much divide therapists into two groups:

1) Those who say advertising is a huge waste of money and it doesn’t work;
2) Those who say advertising works and needs to be done;

Guess what?

It turns out that both sides are right!

Let me explain.

Advertising for a massage business is a waste of money IF it is done incorrectly. The problem is it’s very easy to do wrong.

Advertising can go off-track several ways.

First, you can pick the wrong place to run your advertisement. If you are advertising geriatric massage, then a prenatal magazine is a terrible place to run your ad.

That may sound obvious but it’s the type of mistake I see therapists make way too frequently.

If the advertising media is not targeting the
right types of prospects, then your ad will fail.

It doesn’t matter how inexpensive the ad was…

It doesn’t matter how many readers (or subscribers) it gets

If the wrong people are seeing your ad, then you will get lousy results!

Second, if your ad doesn’t make an offer then you just made a big mistake. You see, by making an offer, you can boost your response rate significantly. I have seen response rates jump as much as 300% percent simply by making an offer in an ad.

Third, if the ad is written poorly, then it will bomb. Writing good marketing and advertising is a skill called copywriting. It’s a skill that anyone can learn if they want to. In fact, it’s a really good skill to learn if you want to see better results from your marketing and advertising.

When it comes to who is going to write your ad, it’s a pretty important decision. It’s not something you want to leave to the advertising rep to do for you. You definitely don’t want their “art department” making it for you either.

The truth is, the advertising rep isn’t your friend. The ad rep doesn’t care if your ad works or not. They only care about how big their commission will be on your ad and how often you will continue to buy advertising from them.

And their “art department”… well, let’s just say most of them don’t have the foggiest idea what goes into making an ad which actually makes the phone ring.

To be brutally honest, they don’t have any incentive. It’s not their monies paying for the ad. They get paid the same amount every week — regardless of how well they put together an ad!

Early in my massage career, I just threw together stuff and call it an ad or a marketing piece.

Sometimes it worked…but more often than not, it bombed. So I’d spend more money running yet another ad. I waste thousands of dollars blindly running ads.

But once I started learning how to write ads correctly, then I started seeing my advertising produce positive results. Many of these lessons that I learned about advertising is discussed in more detail in our book Help Your MASSAGE Practice.

These days, my consulting clients pay me quite handsomely to write marketing materials for them.

I’m not mentioning it to brag.

I mention this because I want to drive an earlier point home: if you learn how to write your marketing materials well, then you will see bigger results from all of your marketing. And when you put together a well-written ad and run it in the right place, the results can be quite profitable.

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That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, I look forward to talking with you next month.

Seize The Day,

Help Your Practice

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