January 2005 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Newsletter

Volume I, Issue 7
January 17, 2005

Note: This newsletter was originally published for both massage therapists and personal trainers. We no longer offer any newsletter or products for personal trainers.

Welcome to the Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter! My name is Michael Humphreys. Along with my business partner Eric Mitchell, I am very happy to continue your journey to business and life success.

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Goal Setting Monthly Tip

Last month, we talked about making a commitment to your goals. This month, our Goal Setting Word is Discipline. Discipline is the attention given to the smaller details of what goals you intend to accomplish.

We cannot commit to our goals without discipline. You must establish good time management skills in order to reach each goal. In our industry we are faced with the challenge of “idle” time and with that challenge comes the need for discipline in the face of such time gaps. It’s easy to go run errands or do recreational activities when we are faced with a slow work day instead of staying disciplined and working on our business goals to eliminate the slow work days.

We always intend to make more money. But without using discipline to stay commited to our goals, we create the opportunity to lose money and clients instead.

Monthly Marketing Tip

This month’s marketing tip focuses on Valentines Day. Since this romantic holiday is a few weeks away, now is the time to plan and execute your Valentines Day marketing ideas. We are going to present two marketing variations on Valentines Day: one for personal trainers and one for massage therapists.


Because each one needs to create their unique “pitch” for their target market.

Let’s start with personal trainers first.

For Personal Trainers

Valentine’s Day is a great romantic gesture between couples. So you will want to target couples with your fitness campaign. In your marketing, you will want to talk about committing to better health as a couple. Better health that they can enjoy together for many years to come. Focus on the benefits of a regular workout routine.

Create your marketing piece so that if one person who is in a committed relationship sees your advertisement or marketing piece, they can show it to their significant other without implying that they are fat. Nothing will kill your efforts faster than your target market feeling insulted by your marketing or advertisement.

You want to promote couples training sessions with you and how personal training would benefit both of them.

For Massage Therapists

Massage therapists get to focus on the fun stuff: romantic gestures, pampering, and treating a loved one for a special occasion. Your marketing or advertising piece should do two things:

1) Assume the reader is a woman and uses feminine language;

2) Offer a special Valentines Day package.

What kind of packages?

You can package a massage gift certificate with something romantic (flowers), pampering (aromatherapy, bath and body products, gourmet chocolates), or promote this special occasion for lovers (couples massage).

What To Do With Your Marketing Message

Depending on your marketing dollars, you can target either existing clients or new clients with your marketing message. In our opinion, it’s best to start with your existing clients first.


Here are a couple reasons:

1. They already know you.

2. They know how professional and skillful you are as a personal trainer or massage therapist.

3. You’ve already earned their trust.

Your marketing budget will dictate whether you use things like advertising or direct mail to promote your Valentines Day package or no-cost methods like email or signs in your gym or office. No matter what, get your message out the door no later than the beginning of February to maximize results.

That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.

Seize The Day,

Help Your Practice

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