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“From The Massage Table: Marketing and Motivation That Works”

January 31, 2008
Volume IV, Issue 7

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Okay, onto this month’s newsletter!

Monthly Motivational Tip

In my quest to create my own successful massage business, I have made it a point to study and try to learn from other successful people – even those who become successful in other walks of life besides massage therapy.

One of the keys to success that I’ve discovered is developing the ability to be able to deal with massive levels of frustration. In fact, developing this ability can make or break your chances of success in any industry and in other walks of life too.

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of famous people who have had to overcome massive failures at one point in their life, before they were able to reach success.

Example #1:

Cut from his junior high school basketball team, he vowed he would never get cut from a basketball team… one of the NBA greatest players ever, Michael Jordan.

Example #2:

He received a C- on his master’s thesis paper. The professor told him that the idea he wrote about in his thesis was stupid and it would never work… Fred Smith of Federal Express.

Example #3:

He was told that he talked funny, looked funny, couldn’t act, and was fired by more than one movie agent. After writing his own screenplay, he was told that he would not be allowed to direct his own film if he insisted on starring in it. He ran out of money while trying to find a movie studio to finance his dream and sold his dog to a friend for grocery money… That was Sylvester Stallone before he directed and starred in his mega-successful movie Rocky. (Stallone later bought his dog back for $20K and a small part in the Rocky movie for his friend).

Some people call it perseverance. Others call it being thick-skinned. I call it the “will to win”.

Let me give you a very real example of another massage therapist I know…

I have a good friend and business ally who I’ll call Jeremy to protect his privacy.

Jeremy decided in his mid-40s to make a career change and become a massage therapist. Since both of his kids were grown up and massage therapy sounded like a great way to help other people get out pain and feel better, Jeremy decided to enroll in massage school.

After finishing massage school Jeremy decided that he really wanted to start his own massage therapy and wellness center. In order to raise the money to do so, Jeremy sold his house and used all of his life savings too. After countless delays with construction being done, dealing with zoning issues, and hiring staff, Jeremy was ready to open his massage center.

Jeremy ran a few ads, hung up the party streamers, and had his grand opening to announce his massage and wellness center to the world.

Unfortunately, almost no one showed up for the grand opening!

Jeremy had a huge problem. He had invested his life savings and even sold his house to start his massage center.

His daughter had even left her previous job to become his office manager.

The business was off to a bad start after the grand opening. He had no clients for his staff of therapists or even for himself. It was looking like Jeremy’s massage center was going to fail, before it ever got started.

Did Jeremy call it quits?

Heck no!

Despite being massively frustrated, Jeremy focused his efforts on getting people in the door for massage therapy.

Now, it wasn’t easy and Jeremy had to work a lot of hours, but Jeremy was able to turn that business around. He was able to create the successful massage therapy and wellness center of his dreams!

Jeremy’s massage center recently celebrated getting its 10,000th new client. After 11 years, Jeremy’s massage center is still growing stronger and stronger

So the next time you’re feeling frustrated, remind yourself that success may just be right over the next hill. Instead of giving up, focus your efforts on getting better at overcoming the obstacles in your path. Take charge!

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

Since this newsletter is going out in late, late January, this month’s massage marketing tip is going to focus on the next big holiday, St. Valentines Day.

With this holiday, you want to focus on promoting to your existing clients first. If your budget allows, then it’s appropriate to promote your holiday special elsewhere.

One of the best strategies I have found to use for this romantic holiday is packaging your gift certificates with another product or service.

This is the type of promotion that you can have a lot of fun with. As long as your package is the right color (red or pink are normal Valentines colors), or has a romantic theme to it, it is appropriate for Valentines.

In fact, the more creative you can be, the more your promotion will stand out from the typical “flowers and candy” holiday theme.

Stuck For An Idea? Don’t Have A Romantic Bone In Your Body? No Problem!

Let me help you two ways.

First, here’s one website I found just by doing a Google search for “1001 Romantic Ideas”.


Simply look through and find one that you think is the most appropriate to use in your promotion. Then ask a significant other or female friend for their opinion.

When I am brainstorming a romantic promotion like this, I share the idea with my wife and then watch her reaction.

If the idea produces a frown, I go back to the drawing board. If she gets an ear-to-ear smile, I know my promotion is right on track.

Next, I’ll share with you three of the Valentines promotions I’ve done.

Depending on the type of package you are putting together, you may need to start planning it 3-4 weeks beforehand.

For example, one year I offered a gift basket with a 30 minute or 60 minute gift certificate. I discounted both items 10% off their normal retail price and packaged them together.

Since there was another professional making the gift baskets, she needed time to put the baskets together. We had to get the entire promotion planned almost 4 weeks in advance.

Because we weren’t sure how many gift baskets we would sell, we offered an “early bird” discount of 15% off the combined price of both items, if they ordered within the first 2 weeks.

Customers were told they could pick up their order 24-48 hours before the actual holiday.

Another year, I packaged two services, a paraffin hand treatment and a one-hour massage certificate together. I charged the same price as a normal one-hour massage and it was a popular seller.

Finally, for another Valentine’s promotion, I offered a free hot stone upgrade on one-hour or ninety minute gift certificate purchases. Not only did this promotion produce some new clients, it introduced an additional service to my massage therapy center’s clients that many of them had not ever experienced before.

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Seize the Day,

Michael Humphreys

Help Your Practice

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