Isn’t Time You Gave Your Massage Business A Check-Up?

Greetings…  Michael Humphreys here.

I happened to look at the calendar today and realized that 2009 is almost halfway over.

I quickly reviewed the goals I set for this year.  A few of them I had already achieved.  I’m on pace to meet some additional ones before years-end.  There’s also a few goals that I’m miles away from reaching this year.

The goals that you have already acheived can be a tremendous confidence booster. So can the ones that you can honestly say you’re on your way to reaching.

It’s the ones that you set the bar too high that can really squash your spirits… if you let them.

Many therapists will automatically put themselves down for missing the mark… that’s why the cliche “I am my own worst enemy” holds a lot of truth for them.

Please don’t put yourself down!

Tearing yourself down will only knock your self-confidence even lower and make it much more difficult to achieve all of your goals.

Instead, take the time to reassess each goal that looks like you won’t meet this year. 

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Did I set an unrealistic goal? If so, readjusting the goal to a more realistic level could be a great decision to make.

2) Did something happen that was out of my control and prevented me from reaching my goal? Don’t put the blame on yourself for missing a goal if it wasn’t your fault.  Sometimes life truly does hand us lemons.  It’s best to acknowledge that something happened that was out of your control.

Let me give you a great example.

When 2008 started, I had set a big goal for my income.  Both my consulting and massage businesses were doing very well, so I honestly felt I had a really good chance to have my best year ever financially.

That was before my then-pregnant wife was in a really bad car accident in March. She then gave birth to our son in May.  The good news is both of them are completely fine.

Unfortunately for my big goal, I had literally no shot of reaching it.  That’s because I had to massively cut down my work load for almost 5 months to help my wife care for our children and assist her recovery.  While I felt “bad” about missing my big goal, I quickly dismissed the bad feelings because I knew I did the right thing by being there for my wife and children during their time of need.  At the end of the day, my family means more to me than any amount of money in the world.

3) What can I do or do differently to reach that goal?
Ask yourself: is it a matter of needing more information or a better strategy to reach your goal?  If it’s needing more information, then start looking for that information.  If it’s a matter of strategy, then take 30 minutes and sit down in a quiet place and brainstorm.  You’ll be surprised by the number of great ideas or even a step-by-step plan your mind will produce.

Let’s take one of the most common issues that I hear other massage therapists talk about: not making enough money.

Many therapists tell me that the reason they aren’t making enough money is because they don’t have enough clients.  It’s been my experience that’s only part of the problem.

It’s not just getting new clients… althought that is important.  It’s getting all of your clients to come back for more appointments again and again.  Getting loads of new clients won’t help you build a full-time busy massage therapy practice if they don’t ever come back again!

You see, studies have shown that it costs 6-10 times more to get a new massage client than to reactivate an old client.  So why not do marketing that gets your current clients coming back again and again?

It’s such an important strategy that I cover many tips, tactics, and techniques in Help Your MASSAGE Practice to get more repeat bookings.  Add in all of the ways I share to get more clients and ethical ways to make more money per appointment, and suddenly a lack of money is no longer an issue.

More clients.  More repeat bookings.  More money made per appointment.

Focus on doing something in each category and you can create a massive surge in your sales.

Not sure how to do exactly that?

No problem. I want to help you reach your massage practice goals so here’s two of the most popular options.

Option 1: You can read any of the back issues of “From The Massage Table” to get some ideas. Pick any of the ideas that you like and put them into action for your own massage business.  Over the last 5 years, I’ve written a lot of newsletter issues that you can review.

Option 2: Check out our ultra-popular massage marketing manual Help Your MASSAGE Practice instead.  There’s over 200 pages of in-depth tips, tactics, and techniques inside it that are proven to work.

Let me sweeten the pot a bit for you. Simply go to this page here by Friday June 19th and you can grab the deluxe version of Help Your MASSAGE Practice at the standard version’s price. That’s a $20 savings for you and even more great business building information at your finger tips too. But don’t wait because this massage practice “check-up” won’t last long.

To Your Success,

Michael Humphreys

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