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3:15 p.m.

From: Michael Humphreys,
Co-founder of Help Your Practice

Dear Fellow Massage Therapist,

Would you like to have a successful massage therapy practice faster and easier... with significantly less guessing or expensive marketing mistakes?

My name is Michael Humphreys and I am a successful massage therapist and former massage therapy center owner. I started my massage practice in 1993 on a $100 budget and grew it to a full-time practice. I even grew it to the point that I converted it into a massage therapy office and eventually a full-blown massage therapy center.

For over 6 years, before I grew tired of the daily rigors that come with owning a massage therapy center, I even employed seven more massage therapists.

The plain and simple truth is, I wasn't always a successful massage therapist...

...In Fact, I Struggled For 4 Long Years To Build A Massage Practice Until I Discovered How To Develop A Full-Time Massage Practice Quickly!

I studied massage therapy privately while I was in high school. After high school, I went to college and got 2 health degrees in seven years. I never took a single college business course before I started my private practice in 1993... and I still haven't taken one!

From 1993 to 1997, I did massage part-time and worked full-time in the physical therapy field. It was a constant struggle to find massage clients and I needed that second job so I could pay my own bills.

I thought massage therapy would always be a part-time hobby for me. It would give me a little extra spending money each week but it wouldn't pay all of my bills. I thought my future would be in the physical therapy field...boy was I wrong!

After 4 Loyal Years Of Working In My
Full-Time Job... I Got Fired!

In August 1997, my life changed dramatically… I got fired from my physical therapy job! I was devastated and demoralized. I really needed that job just to pay my bills on time.

I sent out over 40 resumes and couldn’t get a single physical therapy job. I started wondering if my future career might really be as a massage therapist after all. After all, I wasn’t having any luck finding another full-time job working for someone else.

But if I was going to do massage therapy as a full-time career, I needed more clients and I needed them fast.

I started looking for the answers to create a successful massage practice. Within 3 months of starting to run my massage practice the right way, I was seeing about 12 clients weekly.

After 6 months of running my massage practice right, I was averaging 25-30 clients each week. Best of all, within 15 months, I was able to make my dream of converting my massage practice into a massage therapy office and hiring additional massage therapists a reality.

Each time I discovered new marketing ideas, I would try them on my own massage practice. I wrote down the results, recording what massage marketing ideas worked...and which ones didn't work at all.

Discover The Secret To Effective Massage Marketing... Grab A Virtual Gold Mine of Marketing Tips, Tactics, or Techniques That Produce More Sales!

Here’s one little secret: There is more than one way to create your dream massage practice.

Some people naturally enjoy marketing and creating advertisements or fliers for their massage practice. Others are more comfortable doing things like public speaking or networking. Simply use your strengths as a massage business owner and you can become more successful quicker and with less struggles.

Here is an example: I've never enjoyed doing public speaking even though I am not a shy person. I love doing marketing ever since I started my massage practice in 1993. So I have used marketing more than public speaking to grow my massage practice over the years.

Of course, I realize that not every one is like me...

I Want To Help Every Massage Therapist Create a Successful Massage Practice... Even Those Who Do Not Enjoy Massage Marketing Like I Do.

What was the best way that I could accomplish this?

I decided to write a massage marketing and practice building manual with another expert who has strengths in areas where I do not excel.

Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about this practice-building expert.

His name is Eric Mitchell and he started a personal training business over 8 years ago with no money, which catered to the high school, college, and professional athlete. He became so busy that Eric created a waiting list for athletes that wanted to train with him, but couldn't be fitted into his jam-packed schedule.

Eric has grown it to the point where he expanded it into a comprehensive sports training center in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs and a team of personal trainers that work for him.

His name is Eric Mitchell and he helped found Help Your Practice back in 2004.

He has done it all without ever running an advertisement. Best of all, I've convinced him to help me write this comprehensive massage practice building manual!

2 Practice Building Experts Combine Forces To Create The Ultimate Massage Practice Building Manual...

...By combining our brainpower and expertise, you get all of our individual strengths and none of our individual weaknesses.

For example, co-author Eric Mitchell is a natural, world-class networker...and I'll admit that networking has been a struggle for me to learn.

Eric has never written or run an advertisement to market his business...and I could probably write one in my sleep!

The result of our combined efforts and brainpower is a massage practice building manual called "Help Your MASSAGE Practice".

It Won't Matter If You Are Witty & Outgoing Or Quiet & Shy... Our Practice Building Manual Will
Show You How To Use Your Strengths To Quickly Grow Your Massage Practice!

It won't matter whether you love to give public speeches to attract new clients, or would rather create massage marketing that to build your business... with either method, we can show you how to succeed!

The truth is, we included every massage practice building method we could think of in Help Your MASSAGE Practice. It won't matter what practice building method you are most comfortable with...we'll show you how to use that method to build a successful massage practice!

This manual is designed for the massage therapist who is just starting their massage practice or is currently struggling with their massage practice. (Note: If you are already making more than $31,000 per year from your massage practice, this manual is probably not for you.)

We believe that any product we offer has to be of immense value to you if you are going to spend any of your hard-earned dollars to buy it. It can't be some watered down e-book or a bunch of marketing tips with no directions on how to actually use the tips to grow your own practice!

Most of all, it has to work for your massage practice too!

We cover a lot of material in this manual. In fact, 216 pages and 62 Chapters worth of material.

Discover These 17 Practice Building Techniques and More That You Will Learn From Help Your MASSAGE Practice...

How To Quickly Grow Your Massage Practice...
Discover What Practice Building Techniques We Personally Use And Why. You'll Skip The Guesswork And Start Growing Your Massage Practice Immediately!
5 Places That You Can Find Tons of New Massage Therapy Clients...
How To Create Massage Marketing That Will Bring In More Clients...
9 Different Ways To Create An Endless Stream Of New Clients Coming Into Your Massage Practice...
Use The Practice Building Technique We Show You On Page 42 and You Can Increase Your Business By As Much As 62%! Best of All, The Technique is 100% Honest And Ethical...
Gift Certificates Can Grow Your Massage Therapy Practice By Leaps And Bounds. We’ll Show You What Works, What Doesn’t, And Tell You Why...
How To Write Ads That Bring In More New Massage Clients Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising...
Learn The Secrets Of Power Networking To Find New Referral Sources and Attract Additional Massage Clients...We've Included An Entire Chapter That Tells You How!
Discover The Marketing Power of Free Reports...Use These 5 Powerful Methods To Attract New Massage Clients...
Need A Proven Holiday Promotion That Will Generate Tons of Sales? Check Out These 4 Money Making Promos Starting On Page 162.
The One Group That 90% Of Your Competitors Will Never Market To...And That Group Will Become Some Of Your Best New Massage Therapy Clients!
Discover The Way Other Businesses Can Promote Your Massage Therapy Practice... Without Costing You A Dime!
Want A Guaranteed Stream Of Money Coming In Each Month Before You Do Any Massages? Your Massage Clients Will Quickly Sign Up When You Use The Marketing Technique We Give You On Page 154.
If You Like Public Speaking, Then Learn How To Generate New Income and More Massage Clients With This Practice Building Tool.
Raising Your Rates Doesn't Mean You'll Lose All Of Your Clients...Learn The Techniques On Page 174 and Stop Worrying That Your Next Rate Hike May Cost You Clients!
How To Keep Your Massage Clients Fiercely Loyal...Read This and You Won't Worry About Someone Else Trying To Steal Your Clients!

Here's the honest truth: Help Your MASSAGE Practice will take years off your massage practice's growing pains.

This is a marketing and practice building manual that will help you create a busy massage therapy business faster and with less struggles than it took me.

Frankly, I wish there had been a book or manual like Help Your MASSAGE Practice available when I started doing professional massage therapy in 1993!

Here's What Some Help Your MASSAGE Practice
Owners Say About This Book...

...Got Five Brand New Clients
Within The First Week...

"Hi Mike,

Well I only distributed flyers to two streets so far (150 flyers) and within my first week, I have established 5 brand new clients (several of which are committing to 5 massage sessions with me - which was a special I had put together in the flyer) YAY!!! Small success story for me...And once i get through your book, I am sure I will have even better ideas that will build my client base nicely."

Bionda Garner


‘How Has Help Your MASSAGE Practice
Helped My Own Massage Practice?’

“…Gave me a lot of ideas- especially networking to get referrals. Most people graduating from massage school don't know jack about marketing- thinking that clients will flood their door magically- you need a plan”

Mike Madden
Keansburg NJ


...Wanted To Build Her Business
In A Steady And Continuous Way...

“I bought Help Your MASSAGE Practice because I had hoped to build my business in a steady and continuous way. I don’t think I could pick just one chapter or topic as my favorite because they were all so good. I’m using several techniques I learned and my business is growing steady. I would definitely recommend this book.”

Donna Lewis
McCalla, Alabama

100% "No Hassle" Money Back Guarantee…

We are so sure that you will love Help Your MASSAGE Practice that we will offer you the following guarantee:

"Purchase Help Your MASSAGE Practice and try our practice-building advice. Take up to one year afterwards to read and apply our advice. If you decide that it’s not worth every penny you spent, simply send the manual back to us and we will refund the purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, right away."  

How Much Does Help Your MASSAGE Practice Cost? For less than the price of a one-hour massage you can grab your own copy of Help Your MASSAGE Practice.

We did a survey of our friends, family, and professional associates about what was a reasonable price to charge for this manual. Some of the suggested prices we heard were $150-400 for the knowledge and expertise we offer in this practice building manual.

Of course, charging $300-400 for this manual would mean that the massage therapists who really need this information wouldn't be able to afford it.

So for a limited time only, the standard edition of Help Your MASSAGE Practice is yours for just $59 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.

For less than the price of a one-hour massage ($60-100 in the United States) you can grab your own copy of Help Your MASSAGE Practice. You can start using our expertise to create your dream massage practice immediately.

Of course, when you purchase Help Your MASSAGE Practice, and it helps you gain your first new client, you will regain your small investment back quickly.

Are You Ready To Become A Successful Massage Therapist?

If You Are Ready To Have Your Own Full-Time
Massage Practice, Grab Your Copy Of
Help Your MASSAGE Practice Today.

For less than the price of a sixty-minute massage appointment, you will get your own printed copy of Help Your MASSAGE Practice. (This is not a watered-down ebook!)

You will be on the path to a successful massage therapy practice 3 times, 5 times, or even nine times faster than it took me.

You will get there with significantly less trial and error or expensive marketing mistakes.

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with Help Your MASSAGE Practice during the next year, simply ship the manual back to us and we will refund your purchase price (excluding shipping and handling).

These prices won’t last forever and they will go up in the not too distant future.

Take The First Step Towards A Full-time
Massage Therapy Practice and Success Today!


Grab Your Copy Now!
Are You Ready For Success? Grab Your Copy
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P. S. We've deliberately kept the price Of Help Your MASSAGE Practice low to help massage therapists who are starting their massage practice or earning less than $30,000 per year from their massage practice.

P.S.S. If you need this type of massage practice building and massage marketing help, get the help you need...grab your copy of Help Your MASSAGE Practice today!