February 2006 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Massage Marketing Newsletter

February 15, 2006
Volume II, Issue 8

Welcome to the latest Help Your Practice Massage Marketing Newsletter! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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Goal Setting Monthly Tip
By Eric Mitchell, C.S.C.S.

Last month, we talked about Education. This month we will talk about Adversity.

From the moment we are born, we have adversity in our lives. Many of us feel like we battle adversity with every  step in our human development.

It seems like nothing comes easy for us. Yet, we see some people who seem to have everything handed to them.

From our formative years we struggle to find our place in society. We face many hurdles in school, sports, and relationships. In reality, all aspects of life have their share of adversity. Each of us are business people who have taken those adversities and created something great.

What could be great about adversity?

Well, herein lies the answer: Adversity can drive you to success!

Help Your Practice recognizes the need for adversity. We cannot be in the massage business without having something that fuels our desire for more success.

Does that mean we will never have smooth sailing during our business lives? Of course not!

Adversity is one cornerstone of true success. You learn to recognize what will help you move towards your goals. Study successful people and learn what obstacles they had to overcome to reach success.

After all, we are in the business of achieving our goals and trying to improve the quality of our own lives. Well, Help Your Practice sees just one solution to adversity and that is to go out and face it head-on. Make the effort and get that “Golden Ticket”!

(Note from Michael: I’d like to share one of my favorite success stories about someone famous. That person is Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express. While in college for his masters degree, Fred wrote a term paper
describing Federal Express. The professor was extremely critical of it: He said the idea would never work, and gave Fred’s paper a C+. Long story short, today Fred Smith is a billionaire and Federal Express is one of the
largest shipping companies in the United States.)

Monthly Massage Marketing Tip
By Michael Humphreys, N.C.T.M.B.

This month’s massage marketing tip is going to focus on a powerful marketing strategy that you can use to grow your practice. In addition, by using this marketing tool, you can help other people overcome their own

The strategy I am talking about is using the power of charity donations.

Each year, I have different clients approach me and ask if I would be willing to donate a gift certificate to help a charitable cause. Frequently, I am asked to donate year after year. To date, I have always honored each of these requests.


Many times, worthy charitable causes will do fundraisers like a silent auction. Each product or service that is donated is auctioned off and the proceeds go towards helping the charities cause.

How has this benefited my massage practice?

First, I get a tremendous sense of fulfillment that I am able to help a worthwhile charity. Like many therapists, I really enjoy helping make a difference in other people’s lives.

While I am losing a few dollars by giving away a gift certificate, I gain far more in return.

Second, each silent auction can draw quite a crowd. For example, one silent auction that I have donated to repeatedly, had over four hundred people in attendance at their most recent event!

Many times, before each auction begins, the auction attendees are able to walk around and look at the items that are up for sale that night. In addition, they can pick up any literature that the product donators have provided. I
make it a point to include at least one marketing piece of mine with the gift certificate that I donated.

Once the auction starts, the auctioneer will announce the next item being auctioned off. They announce who donated the item and what the suggested retail value is. They do this by reading a product description card that
each donator has provided.

Each person in attendance gets to see my literature, hear about my services, and even bid on the gift certificate.

Even if they do not win that gift certificate, they can still pick up my literature or write down my name or website address.

Third, my costs to gain this type of marketing exposure is practically nil. It’s basically the cost of the printed certificate, the marketing materials I include, and some postage.

It costs nothing to honor the certificate, except 30 minutes of appointment time. When I owned my massage therapy center, if someone other than me did the massage, I had to pay them for covering the appointment. For
those of you who are in private practice, you don’t have to pay another therapist to perform the massage, so you really have no fulfillment cost.

I usually will donate a 30 minute gift certificate, which mentions that it can be upgraded to an hour appointment. If the new client upgrades to a 60 minute appointment, then they just pay the difference.

Give this marketing strategy a try in your own massage business. You will gain a great sense of accomplishment by helping out a worthy cause and even gain some new clients!

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