Change Your Mind, Change Your Mindset

Recently I decided to get a massage at a local massage office near my home.  I had never been there but I chose them based on their Yellow Page ad.  Once I arrived, I filled out their intake form and listed ‘massage therapist’ as my occupation.

During the course of the massage, my massage therapists decided to talk about business with me.  She asked me how business was and I told her that I was very busy and had no complaints. 

It was her reply that spurred me to write this article.

She said to me “Well, I wish that was the case here!”  She proceeded to tell me how she worked part-time at a medical office as a secretary in order to make ends meet.  She mentioned that she wished she were busier in terms of massage.

During our conversation, I couldn’t help but notice how bad her mindset was.  You see, she kept talking about how she didn’t have enough work.  How she didn’t think that she could get enough massage clients.  How the work was so physically demanding that she didn’t know how anyone could possibly do massage on a full-time basis.

Unfortunately, she’s not alone.  I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to talk with hundreds of other massage therapists throughout the world. 

And there’s one major difference that I spot right away: It’s a therapists mindset.

When I was struggling early in my massage career, I thought like many other massage therapists.  I really had a negative mindset… I even referred to the monies I made doing massage as my “social fund”.

I used to think that there was never enough money.  I’d worry that there was never going to be enough clients for me.  I’d stress that I would never get busy with my massage practice, and maybe it was time that I look at a different career.

For some of you who are reading this, my old thoughts may sound familiar to you. Even though I had taken plenty of psychology classes in college, I had forgotten how powerful the thoughts that you think and speak really are. 

In psychology, they call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  That means whatever you think will happen, you draw it into your life.  Often those negative thoughts that you draw towards you become a painful reality.

I like to refer to this negative mindset as a scarcity mindset.

When I talk to massage therapists who are extremely busy, it never fails that they have a very positive mindset.  For these therapists, they are confident that:

  • They are making enough money,
  • They have enough massage clients and welcome more who need their services,
  • They are confident that they will stay consistently busy with their massage practice,
  • They are doing what they love as a career.

I call this an abundance mindset.

Other people automatically notice your mindset too.  Don’t believe me?  Have you ever walked into a room and seen a friend or loved one with a troubled expression on their face?  Was the first thing that you say?  “What’s wrong?”

If you are in a scarcity mindset, other people will notice it and respond accordingly.  Subconsciously clients will feel more pressure. 

Some clients will respond by scheduling more frequently to provide you with a business that you need just so you can just cover your bills. 

But most clients will start feeling repelled by you or negative mindset. 

The clients used to come in for regular appointments suddenly stopped scheduling for no apparent reason. 

I hate to say this but most clients don’t care if you’re having a bad day.  Chances are, they have come in for a massage to forget about their bad day!

So how do you go about changing your mindset from scarcity to one of abundance?  Here are a few tips that I use to get myself in the right mindset if I’m having a bad day:

  1. Fake It Until You Make It.  If you’re not feeling upbeat and cheery than start acting like you are.  Focus on what IS going right in your right and give thanks for those good things.  Before you know it, your mood has changed for the better.
  2. Whatever Is Bothering You, Isn’t Going To Get Solved During Your Client’s Massage Appointment.  If you need to make an extra $100 this week just to meet your bills, and you are getting ready to work on a prepaid massage appointment, you need to forget about your money worries during the appointment.  Anything that is bothering you isn’t going to get solved while you’re doing a massage and your client will notice that you seem distracted.
  3. Listen To Motivational Music, Tapes, or CDs To Lift Your Spirits.  I like to listen to something that gets my adrenaline flowing as I drive to my office.  Sometimes it’s music that I would normally do an exercise program to.  Other times, it’s some type of motivational speaker.  Find what works for you and use it.
  4. Expand Your Business Knowledge.  If you’re feel you need to learn how to market yourself more effectively, study marketing.
  5. Always Be Marketing.  The most successful massage therapists (and businesses) are always marketing and promoting themselves.  Most of all, they market themselves even when they are already busy. 

Do whatever you have to do to change your mindset in position yourself for success.

Until next time,


8 Responses to Change Your Mind, Change Your Mindset

  1. Susan

    I have seen this in my life and business over and over again. What you focus on, is what comes to you.
    Who was it said “Thoughts become things – choose the good ones” ?

  2. Aaron Rocha

    Very good article! I really enjoyed the fact that what you feel and think is what you attract. I just wanted to offer another tip. Send a heartfelt greeting card to your clients and keep up with their birthdays etc. This will set you apart in no time. Everyone likes to be appreciated and remembered. Hope that your business is growing and making you financially independent,

  3. Rob

    I agree with this and find it helpful, i have a negative mindset and because of this i dont have enough clients to survive, i have a lab job just to make money, i must put into practice an abudance mindset, thanks for this,


  4. DeSheila

    Thank you Michael,

    I have just made the decision to leave my job, and pursue my passion of massage full-time… This article really helped me because I was FEARFUL that I would not be able to successfully maintain my household just with massage… My mindset has to change, and this has gotme going inthe right direction.

  5. Michele

    So true! In the beginning I had the negative mindset. I’m so glad I don’t anymore!


  6. Marija

    Wow! this article sums it up perfectly. When I first started working as a massage therapist I used to spend 8 – 9 hours at the clinic. Even though I didn’t have many appointments (some days I only actually massaged for ONLY 30 minutes out of the long 8 or 9 hours) I was constantly there just in case there was a walk in. At the time it felt so pointless and my attitude was really negative. However, now, a year later, I am at a point where I am too busy on some days. It’s all thanks to the change of my attitude :)

    I LOVE what I do, and the satisfaction I get out of helping clients! Going to work is not hard anymore :)

    So smile and have fun with what you do, and you’re for sure going to see a difference!


  7. Jess

    Lately I have been in a terrible mindset and these words couldnt have come at a better time. The one thing I really need to do for myself is amp up on marketing and get some marketing skills. I have always had trouble selling my skills. Thanks for the “kick” in the pants. ;-)

  8. Michael Humphreys

    Just wanted to say that even though I’m slow to comment on my own blog, I do read everyone’s comments and every single one of them means a lot to me.

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