August 2004 Massage Marketing Newsletter

Help Your Practice Marketing Newsletter (Newsletter For Both Massage Therapists
And Personal Trainers)

August 16, 2004
Volume I, Issue 2

Welcome to the second newsletter! My name is Eric Mitchell. Along with my business partner Michael Humphreys I am very happy to continue your journey to business and life success.

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Do You Have A Question For Us?

The question for this month can be quite daunting for most personal trainers:

“How am I worth the $50.00 per hour when right down the street my clients can use a “mainstream gym” and pay a total of $50.00 per month?”

First, confidence in oneself is the critical element in answering this question. Why are you worth the money your client pays for your service in helping them become a more fit person? Simply put you are worth that fee because you have worked hard to get to the level to train someone. You did not go to school or get that extra certification just to question your abilities.

A client has come to you for your knowledge and your understanding of what will make them more successful in their quest for better health. You charge them not just to count how many repetitions they complete but rather you charge them your fee to help them focus on what really works for their own individual needs.

[Michael’s comment: There are three areas that a business can compete in: quality of product or service, quality of customer service, and price. Comparing a personal trainer who is doing one-on-one training to a $50 per month gym membership is no real comparison. The gym can’t offer the level of customer service or top quality individual attention that the individual trainer can. Comparing the two is like comparing Nordstrom’s to the local Dollar Store. Which one would you want to buy a pair of dress shoes from?]

While there are countless gyms opening up with the 30 minute “fitness guarantee” they do not bring the knowledge of the individual trainer who commits themselves to each and every client’s needs and programs.

Are You Worth The Money Your Clients Pay?

Yes! They come to you because you give them real results without the need for a 30-minute “guarantee”.

Feature Article: Stepping Outside The Box
And Finding A Unique Niche

Change can be a difficult challenge for anyone in business. A personal trainer should see change as new step towards expanding business and finding new niches.

I was working in the gym setting for over 5 years. I worked as a personal trainer and as a therapy technician. I saw that I had reached a top level within the gym setting. The difficult change was about to occur. I knew that if I did not leave and strike out on my own I would stagnate and begin to resent the job but worse yet I would resent my clients.

What happened?

I began a new company that incorporated speed/conditioning and specialized weight and power training for athletes. I had no facility for a home base. I had no money in the account to get me started. I had no idea what advertising much less what a marketing plan looked like (I do now).

However, take away all that I had so much.

I aggressively pursued coaches, teams and the print/television media. I stepped out of the comfort zone and made a name for myself.

Did I get clients? You bet I did.

In fact so many that it was a bit overwhelming at first. However, once I got that under control my client base and referral rates made for some great strides in business.

I saw the value in finding a new niche. Let’s be honest: this is not rocket science, we are not reinventing the wheel but rather making it faster and smoother with our own slant to old programs.

Find that niche that brings you clients on a large scale. Take your show on the road. That route has found me leaving this weekend for an elite training camp for teenage soccer and basketball players. I will be lecturing and teaching about sport specific training for young athletes. From humble beginnings as a club personal trainer who was afraid to piss off the boss, I will be making a great deal of money doing what I love. You need to make the next step.

Unshackle the fear and go get what you want!

Remember what Hannibal of Carthage said when told he could never breach the mountains, “We will either find a way. OR WE WILL MAKE ONE!”

On behalf of Mike, we’ll look forward to talking with you next month.


Eric Mitchell

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