Apr 2007 Massage Marketing Newsletter

“From The Massage Table: Marketing and Motivation That Works”

April 25, 2007
Volume III, Issue 10

Welcome to “From The Massage Table”! My name is Michael Humphreys, cofounder of Help Your Practice.

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Okay, onto this month’s newsletter!

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Monthly Motivational Tip

Hello, it’s Eric Mitchell, cofounder of Help Your Practice, with this month’s motivational tip.

Let’s take a minute and look back at some of the most successful people in history. All of them shared many characteristics or traits. But there is just one trait that frequently is overlooked or ignored when we talk about successful people.

All of them had a commitment to the “little things” in life. We can best describe the “little things” as those things come up during one’s day that are simple to do.

Unfortunately, as easy as it is to do the “little things” that come up, we have the same ability to forget about or not do the “little things”.

For example, it is simple to eat well and simple to not eat well. It is simple to get enough exercise and also simple to not get enough exercise.

How does this apply to massage therapy?

Well, it can be simple to market your massage business… and it can be simple forget or not market your business.

It is simple to give great service to your massage clients and just as simple to not give great service to your massage clients.

The bottom line is focus on doing the little things right and the big things will often take care of themselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary once said: “You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things-to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.”

Remember, “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

About the author: Eric Mitchell is a speed & conditioning specialist
and co-founder of Help Your Practice. When he’s not busy running his
speed & top -performance centers, Eric writes this monthly column.

Massage Marketing Monthly Tip

This month’s tip is the second part of a two-part series on attracting new business through trade shows. If you missed last month’s issue, then you can read online. By going here: http://www.helpyourpractice.com/hyp-newsletter03-27-2007.htm

Last month we started out with several ways to get a booth inside a trade show or convention center for little or no money.

This month, it’s time to get into some of the marking that you can do inside the actual event itself.

Ready to get started? Great!

Once you’re in the trade show or convention, here’s where the real magic begins.

One thing that I didn’t touch on last time was choosing a booth for your business. If you are able to pick it yourself, then try to get a corner booth. Even if there is an additional cost for a corner booth, it is often worth it for two big reasons. First, corner booths frequently get more foot traffic which means more prospects will be alerted to your booth. Second, a corner booth will often have more space to maneuver which is a big help for doing your chair massage.

Okay, onto the marketing.

First thing you need to do is capture all prospect information. There are several easy ways to do this and I have been known to use all of them in the same tradeshow. They are:

1) Mailing list sign-up. They can voluntarily sign-up to join your mailing list and receive your periodic special offers, newsletters, and other promotions.

2) Offer a contest where you give away a free massage gift certificate at your office. I recommend making it a 30 minute gift certificate so that you have the ability to get a paid upgrade for longer appointment. This is the easiest way to get every prospect’s contact information — bar none.


Because they want to make sure you were able to mail or e-mail them if they are the winner! If they give you a phony address, and they happen to win the contest, then they will never get their free massage gift certificate.

3) Get them to sign-up for their chair massage. This is probably the best way to catch their information without giving something additional away. Using a sign-up form can accomplish several things.

First, using a sign-up form organizes your event so there is no question who is supposed to get a chair massage next.

Second, if you are offering free chair massage than it is within your rights to require everyone to give you their contact information in return. If you are willing to be stubborn like I have been known to do, you can require that they give all of their contact information before they get the free massage.

While 99% of the prospects you meet will give you their actual contact information and will do so without a fuss, there is always one malcontent who will resist. Either they will try to be funny and write down a phony name like ‘Fred Flintstone’ or flat out refuses to follow your rules.

Personally, it’s been my experience that any prospect who doesn’t want to give their contact information in return for a free massage will also be difficult, if they become a massage client.

The second thing you need to do is deliver a top-notch massage.

While this may sound like a “no-brainer”, bear with me while I explain this point a bit more. It doesn’t matter if what type of massage sample you are doing.

This is your first — and maybe last chance to wow prospect and instantly turn them into a paying customer. Any other method you can use after that massage sample to pull them into your practice will cost you money. A prospect will naturally assume that if you do a great chair massage then you are also do a great table massage too.

There are several reasons why I like doing chair massage with more than one therapist. While it gives each therapist a break as they need them, it also enables each therapist to do another sales tactic that works extremely well. That tactic is talking to the prospect after you’ve given them a massage.

Many times, a prospect has additional questions after you have wowed them. It might be about your rates, office hours, or what massage techniques you use.

If you are the only therapist during chair massage, then it may be tough to answer questions. That’s because you have another prospect waiting to get on massage chair. But if you are rotating with another therapist, they can take over doing chair massage, while you talk to your freshly-massaged prospect.

The third thing you must do is follow up with every prospect by mail.

If you ran a contest at tradeshow, then send a letter to every prospect. For the prospect who won the gift certificate they will get a congratulations letter, along with the physical gift certificate. Every other prospect will get a letter that informs them that they didn’t win, but offers them a consolation prize. That prize could be something like money off of their next massage appointment at your office.

If you didn’t run a contest then sent a direct mailing to every prospect anyway. You can use postcards or a direct-mail letter but make sure you’ve made an offer in the marketing piece. Otherwise, you will have wasted your money in your efforts.

While this may seem like a pretty simple marketing system to use, it has worked extremely well for me over the years. Take the time to set it up properly and you will create your own funnel of new massage clients.

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That’s all for this month. On behalf of Eric, I look forward to talking with you next month.

Seize The Day,

Help Your Practice

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