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Monday, 9:37 a.m.
From The Desk of: Michael Humphreys

Dear Fellow Massage Professional,

Let me ask you a question: Do you ever hear yourself say, “I wish I could get enough massage clients?”

Or perhaps “I wish I could do massage therapy on a more consistent basis?

If you said ‘yes’ to either question, you’re not alone…

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The truth is, many massage therapists and body workers have strong hands-on skills, but most of them don’t know how to attract new massage clients. This is a common problem that I have heard repeatedly since I started my own massage practice in 1993.

Every month, I get emails from massage therapists that share with me their feelings of frustration, fear and even anxiety about their own marketing efforts.

Let’s face it….

There May Be Times When You May Feel…

Discouraged with your ability to attract new massage clients…
Tired of trying to network with other business professionals and seeing poor results…
Nervous because you are just starting out and don’t know how to get your first massage clients…
Frustrated because you can’t easily convert “tire kicking” prospects into “real money” paying massage clients…
Scared because you’re not making the type of income you’d hoped for when you graduated from massage school…
Unsure what massage marketing techniques you should be doing or how you should be doing them correctly.

Sadly, I’m sorry to say this is a very common event.

And you know what? You were probably trained in the correct and safest ways to deliver a good therapeutic massage. You may have become a massage therapist with great expertise in a particular massage technique.

Unfortunately, no one taught you the most effective ways to find and attract new massage clients. Maybe you were taught some basic marketing ideas during your massage school training. The problem is, no one ever explained to you how to actually implement the exact massage marketing tips, techniques, or tactics that you learned!

I’ve even known a few massage therapists that got so discouraged that they decided to call it quits and leave the massage therapy field forever.

Please don’t call it quits!

Just Take A Few Minutes and
Ask Yourself These 5 Questions…

Do you enjoy working for yourself and controlling your own work schedule…

Would you like to have a full-time busy massage practice with all the client appointments you can handle…

Do you want to learn how to get the best prospects calling you to schedule their next massage instead of another massage therapist in your area…

Would you love to “pick and choose” the clients you want to work with and get rid of the “problem clients” without worrying about losing income that you really need…

Do you want to become a well-known and recognized massage expert in your area…

The One Massage Industry Trend
No One Ever Told You About…

There is one industry trend that always amazes me: I’m always surprised how one massage therapist or massage therapy center can be making a lot of money while other therapists in the same area aren’t making any money at all! I’ve studied these trends and looked for the hidden answers. After countless hours, I believe I’ve discovered the massage practice building keys to success.

Practice Building Success Key #1: There Is More Than One Way To Build A Massage Business

I consider myself to be very good at marketing, among other business building skills. After all, learning how to market my own massage business effectively was how I built my practice up from a private practice started on a $100 budget to a massage therapy center that employed 7 other therapists and several part-time administrative staff.

The truth is, there is more than one way to build a successful massage business. Some people don’t enjoy marketing their business and find another way to promote their massage practice. For example, one of my original massage instructors built his business strictly through public speaking and networking.

You see, successful therapists learn to use their strengths to grow their massage practices. Instead of doing business building activites they aren’t very good at, they focus on using their strengths to grow their business faster.

Practice Building Success Key #2: Successful Therapists Have Mastered Two Critical Skills

I believe almost every massage therapist is taught how to give a great massage. Unfortunately, many massage therapists are not taught two critical skills which make or break their massage therapy success.

First, many therapists aren’t taught how to build a massage business that will support them on an ongoing basis. It takes more than one great idea to create a successful business, in any industry.

Second, they aren’t taught how to create their own massage marketing that really works to attract and keep massage clients. Using poor designed marketing, or no marketing at all, can quickly limit a therapist’s ability to develop a full-time massage practice.

Practice Building Success Key #3: Learn How To Create Your Own Successful Massage Practice From Our Practice Building Success

Take it from me: It is possible to build a massage business that is successful and profitable. I know it’s possible because I have done it… know other people who have done it… and all of us are still doing it!. (For the full story of how retired Help Your Practice co-founder Eric Mitchell and I got started, please read our About Us web page).

At Help Your Practice, you get all of my combined years of knowledge and expertise. You get the best of both worlds…access to my individual strengths and don’t “absorb” any of my individual weaknesses.

Here’s The Bottom Line, No B.S. Truth…

You Can Build a Profitable Massage
Practice Without Having To Do Business
Building Activities That You Don’t Enjoy!

“I have gained lots of knowledge about marketing already which I am keen to put into practice.  Coming from a purely medical background you have helped to kick start a complete beginner into running her own business.”
- Dr. Sarah Taylor
Paignton, United Kingdom

“Your site and newsletter have been a tremendous help to me. I’ve been a LMT for 7 years and have just relocated my family across the country and am having to start all over from scratch. I appreciate all the help!”
- Jeremy E. Miller, LMT, NCTMB, BS
Minneapolis, MN

“You are doing a wonderful job. I like the idea of what you are trying to accomplish…”
- Kimberly Sanders Reaves AS, BP, LMT
Jacksonville, FL

Practice Building Success Key #4:
Get Proven Massage Marketing Tips, Tactics & Tools From Your New Massage Success SourceHelp Your Practice

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Please bookmark this site and check back often as we continue to add new products and free resources that can help you create your own massage job and the profitable massage practice you’ve been wishing for.


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